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Costa Rica Reforestation Projects

Finca Leola
Thier special focus is on bringing back exquisite tropical hardwoods
that are in danger of disappearing forever.

The Cloudbridge Reserve Project aims to preserve and reforest an
important gap in the cloud forest adjoining the Chirripó Pacifico river
on the slopes of Mt Chirripó, the highest mountain in Costa Rica.

La Reserva Forest Foundation
La Reserva Forest Foundation is a non-profit volunteer, educational and scientific charitable organization dedicated to the recovery and preservation of indigenous tropical rain forests in Costa Rica. It began nine years ago on a 100 acre dairy farm overlooking Lake Arenal, in the province of Guanacaste (north central) Costa Rica. In our early years we planted tree bridges to connect the few forest islands that remained on our farm, noting that animals could then move from one stand of trees to other forested areas without exposing themselves to predators on the ground. This inspired us in 1998, to allow forests to regenerate naturally on the entire property, creating a private forest reserve.


Paraiso Ecologico
Conservation of the Mono Tití


Potters for Peace
Potters for Peace…is a U.S. based nonprofit, a network of potters,
educators, technicians, supporters, and volunteers.
Founded in Nicaragua in 1986, we work primarily in Central America
although our water filter projects are worldwide

El Puente The Bridge
Helping People Help Themself

Ama Tierra Foundation
The AmaTierra foundation aims to promote sustainable development and cultural tourism in our rural county of Turrubares, Costa Rica. With the support of the local community and international volunteers and contributors, the AmaTierra Foundation was created in order to empower the people of Turrubares and provide new opportunities and community programs, such as recycling, eco-cultural tourism, health education and after-school programs. AmaTierra Foundation Contributions

Voz Que Clama
Our Vision is to be a bridge of help in the community.
All aspects of this vision are centered on Christ as the Bridge Builder.

CEPIA Association
CEPIA (Cultura, Educación y Psicología de la Infancia y la Adolescencia) es una asociación sin fines de lucro en Costa Rica que quiere promover la cultura, la salud, deportes y la educación de los niños y adolescentes de escasos recursos en las comunidades costeras de Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

In the coastal area of Guanacaste, 1500 children of low income families need access to more educational cultural and sports activities to succeed in life. The non-profit organization "CEPIA" provides free educational and cultural activities, as well as free psychological guidance to poor children and adolescents. We offer a pub.ic library, computer instruction, English language classes, job training as well as classes in sports, arts, dance, ...

Please help us create better opportunities for these children!

Costa Rica Cities

Other Great Organizations Making a Difference Around the World

Plant a tree in Celebration

California State Parks Foundation

The California State Parks Foundation (CSPF) was founded in 1969 by William Penn Mott, Jr., former director of both California's Department of Parks and Recreation and the National Park Service. With our 100,000 members, CSPF is the only statewide independent nonprofit membership organization dedicated to protecting, enhancing and advocating for California's magnificent state parks. Since 1969, CSPF has raised more than $150 million to benefit state parks. CSPF is committed to improving the quality of life for all Californians by expanding access to the natural beauty, rich culture and history, and recreational and educational opportunities offered by California's 279 state parks—the largest state park system in the United States.

Reforestation of Northern Khentii is a community project recently started by the residents of a small town in northeastern Mongolia.3

San Diego Regional Non-Profits - Protecting the Chaparral

Commit to Action - Join the Billion Tree Campaign!

The Green Belt Movement

GBM International
GBMI LogoThe mission of the Green Belt Movement International is to empower individuals worldwide to protect the environment and to promote good governance and cultures of peace. Read a letter from founder Wangari Maathai.

Eco Libris
Let’s start with the bottom line: we believe in providing people with easy and affordable ways to take responsibility for their actions and go green. We don’t believe in preaching doom and gloom. It’s not our style. We do believe in taking action and in the power of small changes to make a big impact.

Sustainable Harvest International (SHI)
The mission of Sustainable Harvest International (SHI) is to provide farming families in Central America with the training and tools to overcome poverty while restoring our planet's tropical forests. The 40 members of SHI's Central American staff have worked with more than 1,350 families in 101 communities to implement sustainable land-use practices that alleviate poverty while restoring the environment. Since the organization's start in 1997, SHI has planted more than 2 million trees and converted thousands of acres to sustainable uses; thereby saving tens of thousands of acres of tropical forest from slash-and-burn destruction.

The Alliance for International Reforestation, Inc.
or AIR, is a non-profit organization working to make a difference for the people of Guatemala and Nicaragua. AIR plants trees, establishes tree nurseries, provides environmental education for teachers and farmers, digs wells, builds fuel-efficient brick ovens, and helps to educate everyone about the environmental challenges facing Central America.

Ecoturismo Latino

Certified for Sustainable Tourism

The International Ecoutorism Society


Butterfly and Aquatic Tropical Gardens

Earth 911


Green Hotels Association
Organization “encourages, promotes and supports the ‘greening’ of the lodging industry” in a number of ways. Website includes a directory of member hotels. - CST HOTELS

Vegetarian Resource Group - Travel Bulletin Board
First-hand hotel and dining experiences as described by vegetarian travelers

Green Seal Certified Lodging Properties
Green Seal partners with the lodging industry to promote environmentally responsible products and practices within lodging properties.

Ceres Green Hotel Initiative
The Green Hotel Initiative (GHI) is a Ceres program designed to increase and demonstrate market demand for environmentally responsible hotel services.

Sierra Club Outings
Outdoor adventure trips to unique destinations around the world.

Travel Directory of “eco-friendly and people-friendly travel around the globe

Climate Care
Calculator allows you to estimate and pay for the cost of offsetting your CO2 emissions by funding sustainable energy and reforestation projects.

United States Environmental Protection Agency

Climate Crises

"An increasing body of observations gives
a collective picture of a warming world
and other changes in the climate system."

Conservation International
Conservation International's (CI) programs combine scientific knowledge with expertise in specialized fields to achieve conservation solutions.

International Ecotourism Society
Ecotourism organization dedicated to generating and disseminating information about ecotourism.

National Geographic Center for Sustainable Destinations

National Park Service
U.S. National Park locations.

Sustainable Tourism
Iinformation on ecotourism

Center of Plant Conservation



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