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Companies to check out for Tree-Free Paper

ABC Paper - Manufacturers of Wood free writing & printing paper products in India

Amazon Paper - Bolsa Amazonia - Amazon Paper, the first handmade paper made of natural Amazonian fibres. 100% natural (without any chemicals or synthetic additives), available in 13 different ranges of papers, perfectly adapted to stationary applications or professional printing. Amazon Paper uses a large variety of natural fibres, dyes, leaves and other natural resources cultivated or extracted sustainably by local communities from the Amazon region, and manufactured using the traditional Japanese techniques - washi.

Arbokem - Suppliers of Downtown Paper series made with a combination of both agri-pulp and post consumer waste paper.

Conservatree - Promotes shift in markets to tree-free and recycled paper. Includes paper guide and distributors.

Ecosource Paper - This site offers a full line of paper products made from 40%Hemp 40%Flax and 20%cotton. This site is also very educational. Greatest paper ever!!

Enviropapers - Enviropapers offers beautiful handmade paper from recycled materials.

Eureka! Recycled Papers - Offers 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper, as well as 50% and 30%, for general office copying and printing uses.

Fiber Futures - Advocacy group promoting tree-free and recycled fiber products.

New Leaf Paper - Distributor of Encore recycled papers as well as several tree free premium letterhead papers.

Nonwoodpaper.com - Website for the Green Man Papermill, a handmade/specialty paper mill in Vancouver BC & distributor of tree-free & recycled printing papers.

ReThink Paper Editor's Pick - Information on rethinking and replacing current paper consumption and production practices with environmentally preferable alternatives. Comprehensive.

Treecycle Recycled Paper - Distributor of Eureka! and Envirographic brand recycled papers as well as a variety of bond and letterhead papers.

TreeFreePaper-Products - We import and sell paper and products that are tree free, either from the bark of the Mulberry bush (Sa Paper or Lokta) or recycled from cotton.

treefreepapers.com - We manufacture a full line of natural fiber paper, stationery and other office products, utilizing banana, coffee, and tobacco fibers and their by-products.

Vision Paper - Tree-free kenaf based papers and blends of kenaf and post-consumer recycled papers. Large and small orders.
We Are Paper - A source of tree-free hand made paper.

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