1. Change the regular lightbulb to a compact florcent. Turn off lights you are not using.

2. Drive Less - take a bike, metro transit or car pool.

3. Recycle more - cans, bottles and paper

4. Check your tires for proper inflation to get better gas milage.

5. Use less hot water for showers and laundry.

6. Avoid products with excessive packaging cut down on garbage. Recycle bottles, cans, paper.

7. Adjust your thermostat - every degreee helps. Use a jacket or blanket when it is cold use a fan not A/C when it is hot.

8. Plant a Tree to counter balance and absorb some of the excess carbon dioxide.

9. Turn off electric devices when you are not using them.

10. Be part of the solution and get involved with recycling and reforestation.

Photo Credit: VSL Photography
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